Schools colleges and universities do not teach improvisation as part of their curriculum and as a result many musicians are taught music through the use of notation (dots) to read, write and compose music; however many of the great classical composers such as Beethovan, Motzart and Tchaikovsky were avid improvisers and many of their works were realised through improvisation just as many great jazz musician/composers.

           Improvisation tuition is for all instruments including vocals.

Lessons are geared towards giving the musician the ability to improvise freely and spontaneuosly on their instrument / voice in any genre; the abiity to improvise being an invaluable tool when composing music.

Lessons explore:
The modes of the major and minor scales and how they relate to to the tonality of their respective harmonic progressions.
The diatonic sequence of chords relating to specific keys/modes.
The significance of arpeggios and pentatonic scales within the scales/modes when improvising. (An optional study of some of the scales/modes inherent in the music cultures of non western countries.)
Intervals and tonal gravity and their importance in relative pitch training.
Combining rhythmic, melodic phrasing & dynamics within the improvisation.

Pease note; The ability to play the major scale in the most popular keys with reasonable technique would be a minimum requirement before taking these lessons.
Music theory tuition wil be integrated within these lessons.

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